Welcome To The Hard Truth.

The Hard Truth blog was created to discuss and gather insight into the current state of South African affairs, the main aim of this site is to spread awareness about the corrupt and unjust action performed my South African officials from the President to the police force everything is up for discussion and nothing is off limits. This is my first blog attempt so bare with me as i bring up topics that will blow your minds and changes your way of thinking. Enjoy, comment, read and most important question authority.




Created in 2016, The Hard Truth is about exactly that we aim to spread awareness. Firstly as we have just established the website, but gradually overtime we hope to become more political so we can make a positive impact on our country and create the South Africa of tomorrow. The topics that will be covered in the beginning phases of development will be issues closer to home, such as Police Brutality, ridiculous Marijuana laws and many other important issues.

– The Creator.


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