Tobacco and Alcohol kill but Weed is illegal – does that makes sense

Adults and their judgement and hypocritical ways need to change the real dangers are legal while the harmless and natural alternative option is illegal. My mother tells me “weed is bad” yet she has smoked weed in her lifetime it seems the older folks have become total hypocrites criticizing or habits and shipping us off to rehab to sit with serious drug addicts who abuse tik,coke and other such extreme drugs. Why should we be groupgrouped with them we smoke because we want to not because we are addicted drug addicts.

There are clear reason for the legalization of marijuana such as lower crime rates- police can stop hassling and fighting against marijuana users and start on the serious crimes such as rape the burning of universities not to mention the money that can be made and put into our struggling economy through tax.

What is even more amazing is that they rate alcohol as the “good evil” yet it destroys your body and can lead to long term illnesses. Lets compare the two quickly through the tried and true pros and con method, first we will do the pro’s and con’s for Alcohol.

Alcohol Pro’s – none

Alcohol con’s – irratic behaviour from depression to full on physical aggression, over consumption can lead to alcohol poison and liver failure. Tastes awful and is sold in deadly quantities.

To add to the cons of drinking i have had a near death experience from drink blacked out and woke up in the hospital yet i have never blacked out or felt nauseous smoking the “Evil” drug marijuana. Marijuana pro’s and con’s

Weed pro’s – Feel more relaxed and less aggressive, all natural, prevents cancer cell growth to a certain extent.

Weed Cons – paranoia(only when smoking in a public location because it is illegal), supossed gateway drug

The good outways the bad but the hard truth is that people dont see that there are legal products which have no benefit and actually just are a detriment to the health of the consumer for example cigarettes have not positive impact in anyway in fact they are just pure death in a box but they are legal.

So the question is if products that cause cancer, heart attacks and liver failure are allowed why not allow a product that calms and relaxes the consumer.

Here are images i collected to better illustrate my point.

Below Tobacco and Alcohol  vs Marijuana.

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